Welcome to the Big 68 Store, where Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Effective 2014:  In order to keep the cost of shipping low and to eliminate potential damage to plastic CD holders, all orders will be shipped wiithout plastic holders, yet enclosed in safe, paper CD/DVD sleeves.  Additionally, if you order the "with case, liner" version, I will send you the printed tray liner for easy insertion into your own tray.

For much-faster shipment, and if you do NOT need the liner cards, ask for "instant" download, where you may burn your own CDs.

Thank you for your interest in helping me cover the expenses of this historic site!   You can be 100% confident that you will receive just what you expect! To ensure that you will be totally satisfied with your order, not only do I describe the quality of the audio cuts, but I also allow you to sample many of them simply by clicking on the "sample" link.  Following are Terms of Purchase:
  1. Unless otherwise stated, each and every jingle cut on every CD/DVD is created from the Master Digital Copy (never via hissy tape!) and is individually checked before I ship it to you.

  2. You are purchasing items as described, and when you receive them, their quality will match the description given in my store. Because many people typically make copies of software (including CDs and DVDs) and attempt to return them for cash, I adhere to the same terms as most software companies, including Microsoft: I absolutely will not accept returns; all sales are final.

  3. However, I absolutely stand behind my descriptions and the final quality of anything you receive from me: if, on your receipt, any CD or DVD is damaged in any way, just contact me so that I may replace it.

  4. Merchandise is not replaceable or returnable unless it may be shown that the container was damaged by the postal service.

Thank you!